December 06, 2012

Neals Yard Remedies Event

Neals Yard Remedies Event, Glasgow

Last week we were lucky enough to be invited along to a little open evening at the Neals Yard Remedies store in Glasgow's (very festive) Royal Exchange Square, the store is a beautiful haven of all things calm and natural taking its stance just off the main busy shopping street, making it the perfect place to go to relax and browse.  Sadly, my partner in crime Sami couldn't attend the event because of uni so I went to my first ever event alone, but it was alright cause the lovely Paula and Lauren were there to keep me company!

Neals Yard Remedies Event, Glasgow

We were warmly welcomed out the cold with a glass of fizz and a selection of tasty treats. After a lovely introduction from NYR team we were let loose in the store to have a right good play with all the products, I have to admit being there really did awaken my inner child as all the blue glass bottles and tubs really did make everything seem so much more fascinating! It was lovely to see such an extensive range of natural and organic products, NYR is really much more about catering to a lifestyle rather than just the odd product here and there, they really have all the boxes ticked.

Neals Yard Remedies Event, Glasgow

After covering myself in every product imaginable I was treated to a lovely Indian Head Massage by one of the team, this was so relaxing and something I will definitely be trying again (especially as I’m in the middle of writing a dissertation at the moment so need al the de-stressing I can get)!

I would highly encourage you to pop in to your local NYR store the next time you are passing by and chat with the staff, as they really are so lovely and aiming to help find you the best natural remedies.

Stay tuned for some product reviews on the items I got in my goodie bag! Are you guys a fan of Neals Yard Remedies?
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