December 21, 2012

Last Minute Gift Guide #1


So it might be Christmas in 4 days (woo!) but I bet some of you, like myself, are far from organised. And if I’ve learnt one thing over the years then it’s that you boys are the hardest people ever to buy gifts for.  So with this in mind I got my boyfriend to create me a little list of manly treats to share with you guys and his thoughts on them too, and I must say my boys done good! I’m not saying this guide is going to suit everyone, but I do hope there’s at least one thing here you could buy the men in your life!

1. Jake Bugg Album: "This has been the stand-out album for me in 2012, and I’m pretty sure I’ll still be listening to this well into 2013"

2. Chup Fair Snow Socks: “A great mix of style and comfort”

3. iTunes Gift Card: “If your really struggling, you can’t go wrong with this, these gift cards make great stocking fillers”

4. Barbour Scarf: “Excellent value and very stylish, perfect for this cold weather.”

5. Pharell: Places I’ve Seen: “One of the most highly anticipated books of 2012, this will make a great read for any stylish guy.”

6. Kiehl’s Shaving Gel: “Will ensure his Christmas shave is the best ever, this stuff is amazing”

7. Uniqlo Flannel Shirt: “For us guys, these are wardrobe staples and this brand produce such good quality pieces at great value.”

8. Estribos Belt: “If it’s good enough for polo players around the world then it’s good enough for me, these belts are really quirky and will last a lifetime.”

9. Terre d’Hermes Fragrance: “I am slightly bias on this one as this is my favourite aftershave, in my eyes it’s the best”

10. Sunspel Underwear: “This iconic British brand seem to get everything right, and there range of underwear is no exception.”

11. Fifa 13: “I don’t think this one needs much of an explanation, every guy will love this, not so sure how much their partners will though…”

12. Uniform Wares Watch: “Really stylish and really understated, this is the perfect watch. It is quite an extravagant one though!”

13. Marshall Major Black Headphones: “These are right at the top of my Christmas list this year, superb quality and great design.”

14. Christmas Jumper: “It wouldn’t be Christmas without being forced into wearing a ‘cute’ jumper (we all secretly love it though)”

15. Nike+ Running Sports band: “This is the perfect tool to track your performance, and then to boast about how you're practically an Olympian” <— You wish!!!

So thats our offerings on how to cope with buying for fussy males, stay tuned for our girlie version of this guide, and I do hope you at least managed to find one thing here for the men in your life! What will you guys be buying for the boys this year?
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