November 30, 2012

Lee Stafford Breaking Hair Range

Lee Stafford Breaking Hair Range

Recently i’ve been trying a ton of different shampoos and conditioners but nothing was really working for me until now.  I’d say my hair is in pretty good condition at the moment.  Although I do dye every few months, I hardly ever straighten it and i've noticed a big difference because of that.

Lee Stafford Breaking Hair Range

Although it is in a good condition, I do like to make sure I use products to maintain it, especially after colouring it.  I came across the Lee Stafford Breaking Hair* range recently and I’ve been loving it! I’d always wanted to try Lee Stafford haircare but for some reason i’d never gotten around to it.

The shampoo formula is quite thick compared to what I previously used so I use a little less than I normally would.  I wasn’t a huge fan at first but I found that the thicker shampoo was conditioning my hair much better than other shampoos which would dry out my hair.

The range has a really interesting scent which I can’t quite work out, I’d say its slightly more of a masculine scent but it doesn’t linger on your hair after washing if that would put you off.

Out of the range i’d say my favourite is the deep conditioner treatment.  I prefer using deep conditioning treatments once a week and skipping daily conditioner altogether.  I’ve found it gives my hair a lot more volume and is a lot easier to dry and style.

Overall I’d really recommend this range, especially if your hair needs a bit of a treat!  I’m going back to ombre hair very soon with a new dip dye kit I have so make sure you look out for that review/tutorial!

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