August 28, 2012

Kaeso Rebalancing Facial Kit

Kaeso Rebalancing Facial Kit

Brace yourselves, I think i've found my new favourite skincare range.  I was recently catching up with my beautician friend Leigh a couple of days ago and she gave me the Kaeso Rebalancing Facial Kit as part of my birthday present.  It’s really handy knowing someone who knows about skincare for advice and I trust her opinion so if she says something is good, I’ll believe her!

This facial kit is a moisturising range to tone and cleanse oily/combination skin, perfect for me! The range uses very gentle natural ingredients including Willow Bark, Mallow and Cucumber.  Willow bark is a natural astringent with anti-bacterial properties used to fight impurities, Mallow helps lock in the moisture and cucumber moisturises, detoxifies and softens the skin.  Sounds like a great mix of ingredients!  It’s also free of parabens, sulphates, propylene glycol and mineral oil, all the nasties you want to avoid.

In the set you get a lovely case with 5 products in them which basically follows an everyday cleanse, tone, moisturise routine with a scrub and mask on alternative days.  Here is a run down of each product included in the kit.

Kaeso Rebalancing Facial Kit

Rebalancing Cleanser (195ml)

From using cleansers in the past i’ve found that the best product for my skin is a really gentle cleanser otherwise my skin becomes really irritated and red.  This cleanser sort of works in the same way as you would apply Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish.  You simply just work the product into your face in a circular motion then wet a facial sponge or cloth and remove the cleanser and that’s it! I was really surprised at how well it managed to remove all traces of makeup so easily too and left my skin feeling very soft and clean without having that tight skin feeling.  The cleanser is none foaming also so it won’t age your skin!

Rebalancing Toner (195ml)

The rebalancing toner is probably my favourite out of the range.  After i’ve cleansed my skin I just simply put a few drops of this onto a cotton wool pad and wipe it over my face and it feels so refreshing! For an oily skin product it doesn’t sting or feel really dehydrating which a lot of other toners do.  The only issue I have is with the packaging as it’s hard to work out how much toner you need because I feel like I’m always using too much, other than that it’s amazing.

Rebalancing Moisturiser (195ml)

This moisturiser is quite unlike any other moisturiser i’ve ever used.  The formula is very liquidy which is great because it makes applying it so much easier and quicker.  It really helps hydrate your skin and has added Vitamin E to protect your skin against the environment which is great!  Due to the liquidy formula, a little definitely goes a long way so you only need about half a pump to fully cover your face.

Kaeso Rebalancing Facial Kit

Rebalancing Exfoliator (95ml)

Much like the cleansers/toners etc this exfoliator is very gentle and has the same scent as the other products.  I think this has a perfect product/exfoliator ratio, there are a lot of grains in this little pot!  I really like the size of the grains as they’re big enough to make a difference but not enough to really hurt or scratch your face, I really enjoyed using this.

Rebalancing Mask (95ml)

The rebalancing mask is really easy to apply and smells great despite the colour! I’d say this was more along the lines of a mud mask, it doesn’t really dry into the skin but helps moisturise the skin really well and it comes off easily so there isn’t a huge mess after using it.

I think this is a really great range for people who want to get into the cleanse/tone/moisturise routine but don’t know where to start.  For the purposes of the review I looked up the price and this whole kit only costs £13.50, how amazing is that! Usually for a luxury brand you’d be paying that for just the cleanser, these products are huge too.

As it’s a salon brand you can’t buy it in regular shops but you can purchase it online or you’ll probably be able to find it in a local Salon Services.  Kaeso do a lot of facial kits for other skin types so I’m sure you’ll be able to find something suitable for your skin!

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