June 12, 2012

Clinique Foundation Guide

Clinique Foundation Guide

I’ve been extremely busy clearing out cosmetics from my makeup storage and I noticed I have about 3 almost empty bottles of different Clinique foundations and a powder foundation. After doing my Clinique mascara guide (I’m a big fan of Clinique if you haven't noticed yet) I thought it would be a good idea to write a foundation one if anyone’s interested in trying out their foundations.  I have tried more than what is featured here but I decided to only feature products that I have on hand so I can give a better opinion.

I have very fair oily skin so just because one foundation didn’t work for me it might still work for you so please bare that in mind, but I will try to be as objective as possible!

Each foundation is separated into different categories in terms of suitability to your skintype (Dry-Combination-Oily), the type of coverage you want (Sheer-Moderate-Full) and the shade category you fall under (I’ve always been VF - Very Fair)

Even Better

Clinique Even Better Foundation

Skin Type - All
Coverage - Moderate to Full
My Shade - 01 Alabaster (VF-N)

I think Even Better is one of Clinique’s most well known and most versatile foundations so it would be a great place to start if you're not sure which foundation to go for.  This foundation is basically for people who have hyper-pigmentation and want to achieve a more even skin tone which it does very well.  I’d say this has the best range of shades out of the Clinique foundations with lots of pink and yellow toned shades, not to mention very light to very dark shades also, so you're bound to find your shade in this range.  If I wasn't using the anti-blemish range i'd use this foundation as my everyday choice.

Redness Solutions

Clinique Redness Solutions Foundation

Skin Type - All
Coverage - Doesn’t say but I’d guess Moderate
My Shade - 01 Calming Alabaster (VF)

I was actually sent Redness Solutions by mistake when I made my usual anti-blemish solutions order, but as this was a new foundation by Clinique I was really curious to try it out so I just decided to keep it! I don’t have a lot of redness in my face apart from when I get a little bit of acne around the cheek area and this foundation toned down the redness really well.  I think people who suffer from Rosacea would get on with this product really well as it gives a really nice coverage but doesn’t feel like a mask.  Clinique products are very good for sensitive skin so it shouldn’t make the condition worse which is also a bonus.  I think there should be a larger, more varied shade range as there’s only 6 shades available.  If you have oily skin you may need to set it with powder afterwords but other than that it is a really lovely foundation.

Anti-Blemish Solutions (Acne Solutions in US)

Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Foundation

Skin Type - Oily to Very Oily
Coverage - Moderate to Full
My Shade - 01 Fresh Alabaster (VF)

Some of you may have heard me rave on about the Anti-Blemish Solutions Foundation but I can honestly say I haven't found a better one yet.  If you have oily skin with mild acne/acne scarring this will be perfect for you.  I’d describe the finish as normal to matte so if you want a more dewy look you could always add in a little bit of liquid highlighter.  The bottle looks very small which may put some people off but a little goes a long way (less than a pea sized drop covers my whole face) and it has 30ml of product inside which is the same amount as most foundations.  It also contains no SPF so if you’re having pictures taken with a flash you wont have flashback where your face looks like ghost.  The only negatives I would say are that towards the end the foundation can oxidise a little so it’s maybe a good idea to get 1 shade lighter than you would normally get, but it’s not going to make you completely orange!  I currently have 3 bottles of this which I’m trying to get the very last of the product out if that gives you an indication of how much I love this foundation! If you’re wondering if the salicylic acid ingredient has made any difference to my skin I would say yes, I feel much better putting this foundation on my skin because I know that it isn’t making the condition worse.  I’d say after using this my biggest skin concern now is acne scarring more than acne itself which is pretty much 99% gone which is amazing!

Superbalanced Powder

Clinique Superbalanced Powder Foundation

Skin Type - All
Coverage - Moderate to Full
My Shade - Natural 1

I’m not entirely sure why I purchased Superbalanced because I'm not a powder foundation sort of person.  However, I do like to try out different products so here’s what I thought.  For a powder foundation this actually gives quite a good coverage, if you have good skin then this would work for you but I do prefer a liquid foundation base.  The great thing about this powder is the packaging too, you twist the packaging to the next dial and it dispenses the product for you giving you just the right amount to work with and has a huge mirror for on the go touch ups.  Things I think could be improved are the scent of the powder, it’s not too unpleasant but I’m not really a fan of it and if Clinique introduced more lighter shades because Natural 1 is a tad too dark for me personally!

EDIT: I tried this out again with Nivea Creme as a base moisturiser and Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer and the coverage is just as good as my normal foundation, amazing!

There you have it, my Clinique foundation guide! If you want to know about their Superbalanced, Perfectly Real and Almost Powder foundations, I have tried those but I didn't have them on hand so just send me a message if you'd like my opinion on those too.


  1. Love this post! I am a massive fanatic of Clinique products and I also have very fair skin being a Redhead- I've been thinking about getting a stash of things like foundations etc., and this has really helped:)

  2. beautyaesthetic14 March 2014 at 12:29

    Thank you, I'm glad it helped! :) - Sami x

  3. This was so useful, thank you! The anti-blemish one sounds absolutely perfect for me... is it pricey?


  4. Clinique is a brilliant brand for skincare, and I love their foundation and powder, so thank you for doing this review. The products are quite expensive but definitely an investment. I also used the Superbalanced powder over my foundation, and it worked well as a setting powder too. Great blog!

  5. beautyaesthetic14 March 2014 at 12:29

    Thank you, you'll love it! It's £22 in the UK and $26 in US so it is a little pricey especially in the UK but it does last ages and a little goes a long way. My advice would be to sign up to their newsletter online and wait for an offer code then you'll be able to get a lot of free samples when you order :) - Sami x

  6. beautyaesthetic14 March 2014 at 12:29

    I love their skincare too but I find the oily skin products a little too harsh for my skin sometimes which is a shame! I really liked it as a setting powder too but it was a shame that it went on too dark for me, the pain of being so pale! Thank you! - Sami x

  7. Heather Rowland14 March 2014 at 12:29

    I love Clinique as well and I will definitely try out the anti-blemish solutions. It sounds perfect for me! :)


  8. This guide is so helpful, thank you for it. I will probably go for Anti Blemish solution. x

  9. beautyaesthetic14 March 2014 at 12:30

    I couldn't live without mine! Thanks for commenting! - Sami xoxo

  10. beautyaesthetic14 March 2014 at 12:30

    I'm glad you found it helpful, thanks for commenting lovely! - Sami x

  11. beautyaesthetic14 March 2014 at 13:51

    Thank you for reading! - Sami x


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