May 01, 2012

Models Own Hed Kandi Collection

Models Own Hed Kandi Collection

If there’s one thing I can’t resist, it’s nail polish.  I’ve actually had to limit myself to only purchasing nail polish if it’s something that’s completely different to what I already own and it isn’t too expensive, the amount of blue nail polish I have is starting to get ridiculous!

I would say Models Own are one of the best drug store nail polish brands with their consistency and each nail polish is around £5 each which I think is quite justifiable for how long they last.

After reading Ysis's post on this very set, I caved in and gave myself a little treat during exam time.  Plus Models Own were selling the entire set for £20 which is a bargain for 6 polishes.

Models Own Hed Kandi Collection

Balearic Cool is a gorgeous Aqua blue shade which is right up my street.  The only thing I was surprised about is how thin the formula is for this colour so you’ll definitely need at least 3 coats before it’s opaque.

Beach Party is a fun bright neon orange colour which will look great for spring with all the neon brights out at the moment.  When you wear it on the nails and it hits the light it appears to be a yellowy orange shade, a little bit lighter than the bottle.

Hedonist is a semi-matte shade and is my favourite out of the collection.  It’s sort of inbetween red/orange/pink in different lighting but I’d say it’s more on the red category and I think it looks stunning.  I do prefer it with a glossy top coat but it’s good to have the option to go matte.

Models Own Hed Kandi Collection

Disco Heaven is a gold glitter polish which I wasn’t too fussed about to begin with but now I’m in love with it.  It has mostly gold glitter but has a couple of blue and green glitter specs mixed in and looks amazing over the 3 colour polishes, especially Balearic Cool.

Ibiza Mix has been making it’s rounds on the beauty blogs recently and is like a disco ball of colour in a nail polish bottle.  It has large glitter specs of gold, blue, purple, green, pink etc. If you’ve ever tried O.P.I’s Rainbow Connection it’s quite similar but I think the glitter specs in Ibiza Mix are slightly smaller and more spaced out.

3 in 1 Top Coat was also included in the set which is a handy bonus.  I’m not usually one to use top coats mostly because I’m lazy or I change my nail polish too often to ever need one but this is a great top coat to have.  It dries fast in a glossy finish and makes your nail polish last for a lot longer.

Here are some swatches:

Models Own Hed Kandi CollectionModels Own Hed Kandi CollectionModels Own Hed Kandi Collection

I’m really impressed with this collection, I’d definitely say it’s a must have for spring/summer.  If you don’t want to buy the full collection you can buy them all separately for around £5, I’d say Hedonist is the best one!

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