October 04, 2011

What's In My Bag?

What's In My Bag?

Nothing entertains me more than reading/watching a whats in my bag post, I think its the fundamental nosy streak in me that just loves seeing how others live or go about their days, so on that slightly creepy note, here is what I carry around in my bag. (note: I didnt photograph the endless amounts of reciepts and bits of paper and fluff and bus/train tickets as I didn’t think you guys would be that bothered about seeing them)

First of all the bag, this gorgeous River Island beauty was a birthday present from one of my close friends and I love it, the perfect arm candy. Big, two sizes of strap, rich caramel brown and gold finishes. Wonderful.

I want to say that this bag was £59.00 but I could be terribly wrong so please don’t quote me on that.

Now for the contents, nothing exciting just your everyday essentials…

What's In My Bag?

From left to right, top to bottom;

Diary - Paperchase I collect bits and pieces from my day to day life and travels and pop them in here, I also love a good to-do list and always have to write everything down.

Makeup Bag - Vivienne Westwood Ill perhaps do a separate post on the contents of this if you would like.

Purse - Mulberry I love a good purse and when this one was added to my collection I’m pretty sure I shed a little tear of joy. It says “we believe in tea and cakes” on it, how lovely!

Compact Mirror - Next Nothing ground breaking here just a very pretty mirror.

Vitamin C - Boots These little babies are my saviour, if I’m feeling a bit rubbish or tired I’ll take up to two of these a day and I can really feel the difference. For some people it’s red bull for me it’s vitamin c.

Lip Balm - Burts Bees The best in the business, this is the pomegranate one. Nothing leaves my lips feeling as pampered as this does and it gives them a lovely plump sheen. They are very reasonably priced as well considering the quality.

Perfume - Zara Girl This is a bit of a guilty pleasure, on a recent trip to London I was buying a gift for my baby cousin when I stumbled upon this, it smells fantastic and was only like £5 the perfect everyday girlie scent, which is good as I dont like carrying expensive perfumes around as I tend to be a serial sprayer!

Brolly - M&S I live in bonnie Scotland, pretty, but rainy.

Pen - WHSmith Every handbag needs a pen, it’s even better when that pen is pink!

Hand Cream - Clarins This is pretty much the only hand cream that dosn’t make me want to wipe it off as soon as I put it on as it’s so absorbent and nourishing. Highly highly reccomend, but I am a bit of a Clarins girl…

Passport I carry this for ID purposes as I don’t have a drivers license.

MP3 player - Tesco I’m not really a gadget girl so I’ve yet to give in to the lures of the i-pod so my trusty Tesco mp3 players does the job for me.

Various Keys Kinda essential…

Texture Powder - V05 Easier than hairspray to carry about and mattifies and volumises in one, very handy and smells great too.

Bobble need I elaborate?

Day Cream - Burts Bees This mini daycream is perfect for carrying around especially as we’re getting into colder weather and my skins getting dryer, this is even handy for nails/lips/anywhere.

Work Badge another self explanatory bag content

Green Tea - Chinese Market I like to keep a few of these handy for when I’m at work or uni as my uni doesn’t have green tea at the cafe and I aim to drink at least one cup of green tea a day not only because its delicious but because it’s so good for you.

So there you go lovelies that is the daily contents of my bag, obviously on Uni days there will be various books and I’ll be humphing around my portfolio case and what not, usually my phone as well but I used that to take the photo, and snacks, I like to have some snacks as well.

And there is always a book, however I’m having a dilemma, I just finished a pile of books I bought a few months back so I’m left book-less so give me your suggestions please for what books to buy or borrow from the library!

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