October 08, 2011

Nars Nail Polish

Nars Nail Polish in Arabesque

Nars Nail Polish in Arabesque

Hello everyone! If theres one thing I find relaxing, it’s painting my nails.  I’ve been trying out lots of glittery polishes lately which is unusual for me as I usually stick to blues and reds.  I was sorting out my nail polish collection and I realised I hadn’t spoke about my Nars nail polish yet.

I often can’t wear fake nails because my nails are very small due to their square shape.  Fake nails are often way too big for me so I like to experiment with different shades to mix things up a bit!

Lisa actually purchased this particular one for me for my birthday pictured above, which is the colour Arabesque.  It stays true to the Nars packaging, with the rubbery handle which is used quite a lot by Nars, particularly their palettes.  This product applies beautifully as you can see, the glittery specks are very fine so with a few coats you can achieve lovely nails which aren’t too dramatic, but stand out very nicely.

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