October 21, 2011

Le Matin


Good morning beauties! I really wanted to just do a nice chatty post this morning and say hello to all our regular readers and our new ones too. I started my day very calmly today with a lovely tea and toast breakfast eaten whilst flicking through old copies of Vogue for sketchbook sourcing!

Winter has most definitely kicked in here in Scotland and it’s freeeeezing! Its quite nice to look out on to though as all the leaves are scattered and the suns shining! Whats everyone doing today? I’m thinking a pyjama day is on the cards for me, and I’m babysitting my little cousins tonight so I’ll be needing the rest.

So good things going on right now include;

  • The Cosmo Blog Awards being so close! We cannot wait to meet all the short-listers and see a few familiar faces too! And of course find out who the lucky winners are!

  • The Body shop sale, body butters for £5? Everything in the Originals range down to £2? I sense a haul approaching…

  • Halloween preparations, me and my boyfriend are carving our pumpkin tomorrow, I cant wait, hopefully this year I can be slightly more creative than normal.

  • My first GlossyBox experience, my buzz has still not worn off from wednesday ha ha!

  • 'Spice' scented everything, I love the overall fragrances and scents on offer around this time of year, everything smells so rich and warm, I've never really been a lover of zesty fruity scents.

  • Primarks super skinny jeans, once I’ve finally got them on that is…
And of course with the good, comes the bad;

  • The winter coat shop, why oh why can’t I just find ‘the one’ and when I do find ‘the one’ why does it have to cost so so much!

  • The Christmas shopping FREAKOUT, panic has sunk in with all the women in my life, and also all the women I serve at work, lets everyone just calm down and remember, tis the season to be jolly? No?

  • The vast amount of Uni work that’s building and building…

  • Thinking I was fit enough to attend a kickboxing class, really?
So my loves there is a little round up of all things self indulgent. I have a weekend of work ahead of me and I’m not looking forward to it.
However I did get to meet Miles Kane on Wednesday night so the worlds not all bad…

Let me know if you like these more personal posts, what are you all upto this weekend?


  1. I am so getting my Bum down to a Body Shop! Like NOW!

  2. This week I am attending 3 Halloween parties. A fabulous 'pretty people' on on Friday, a Covent Garden houseparty on Saturday, and my own Halloween dinner on Sunday. Essentially - the Hogwarts School Girl costume is getting A LOT of use ;)

    That breakfast table looks delightlful :) xxx


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