October 05, 2011

Frontcover Cosmetics Event


Hello everyone! Last week we were extremely excited to be invited to the Frontcover Cosmetics Autumn/Winter collection event in London so we thought we’d share what happened and some of the products they have coming out.

After many confusions with the tube stations we made it to the event where we were greeted by Michelle, the creative director of Frontcover and she talked us through what Frontcover are all about and the many palettes they have coming out.

If you aren’t familiar with Frontcover, they make large palette boxes which are up to date with current trends and have lots of lovely products inside.  One thing we were told was that each look on their boxes are created using the contents inside the box, so you know you can achieve the same look.  I think its really important to have that after all the scandals of over airbrushing and lash inserts, it also shows that they really do believe in their products.

Inside the boxes they have even more tips on how to use the products to achieve a certain look so you won’t be lost if you want to try something new!



As for the new palettes, they have 14 for this Autumn/Winter Collection which is a great deal more than previous seasons.  The palettes are limited edition so if you see one you like you should grab it while you can!

After some makeup themed cupcakes and champagne (we really were spoiled!) we had a shot at some of the palettes and even got to take some home of our choice.  We will do a seperate post on the products we chose to take home also.

We also got our makeup/nails done by the makeup artists they had at the event so we got to see first hand how the products looked on us.  Lisa got her nails done and I tried out the gold eyeshadow they had.


We had a lovely time at the event and met other fellow bloggers such as Debs from Bang on Style and others who share the same passion we do for cosmetics.  We are so grateful for the opportunities coming our way and can’t wait to see what happens next.

Big thanks to Frontcover for inviting us!

We hope you enjoyed this post, stay tuned for our reviews on the palettes we chose at the event.


  1. Hey girlies! Great post. So lovely to meet you both, mentioned and linked you in my post too and voted for you guys in cosmo blog awards http://bangonstyle.blogspot.com/2011/10/front-cover-cosmetics-blogger-event-new.html

    Bang On Style x

  2. beautyaesthetic14 March 2014 at 12:30

    Lovely to hear from you! Thanks so much, we mentioned you in our post too :) Hope your doing well and the journey from London wasn't too bad! - Sami x


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