October 11, 2011

Cover Girls

So as you all know two weeks ago myself and Sami attended a lovely little event for Frontcover cosmetics in London.
We were spoiled to cupcakes, champagne, expert knowledge and of course, a table full of gorgeous makeup just waiting to be plastered all over our faces!

What I personally love about the Frontcover  philosophy is the way they have adopted the ‘fast fashion’ feel with their palette boxes, ensuring that each and every one of them is bang up to date and sets the trend as opposed to following it. At the end of the day fashion and makeup go hand in hand, no?

So Sami’s post on this spoke more in depth about the brand and the event so I’m just going to go straight into reviewing the products I very kindly got to take home. Before that though here’s a few photos I took from the event.



So now on to the goodies, we were kindly allowed to chose one palette box each to take home with us, I chose the Style Queen box and we were also kindly given the Eye Popping palette too!


I’m sure you’ll agree that these babies are beautifully packaged. The Eye Popping palette is actually holographic so the eyes open and close, very hi tech!
I know it’s wrong to have favourites, but it’s impossible not to adore the Style Queen palette box:


Just look at this! I felt like a kid at Christmas opening this up when I got back I couldn’t wait to play with it, it’s impressive contents include;

7 domed baked powder eyeshadows
6 pressed powder eyeshadows
6 lip glosses
2 fine baked powder cheek domes
double ended mascara/sealer
2 iridescent pigments
6 makeup brushes
mini lash curlers
double pencil sharpener

Where do I start? My stand out performers have to be the pigments, the brushes and the dome baked shadows.
I’m a bit of a makeup brush cynic, this is caused by two main reasons…
Reason 1- I’m a student, and the pennies I earn from my part time job could not possibly warrant me spending £20-30 on a makeup brush!
Reason 2- Lower end makeup brushes and me have never had a great relationship, I’m always so full of optimism and hope that they are going to perform and I just end up with a hairy face and a heavy heart…

Ramble aside, the makeup brushes in this palette box have banished my cynicism, priced at £35 for the entire lot, these brushes are worth every penny and are quite frankly, a bargain! Stand out shades include Grey Grey, my new favourite smudgy eye maker and Peru for a healthy glossy pout.

All in all this box of wonders has really impressed me, moving on to my second little palette of tricks.


The Eye Popping palette is one of those great staple items that you can just chuck in your bag if you’re away for the night and you know you’ll be set for any makeup look you want to create. This one contains:

18 fine line baked eyeshadows
double ended eye applicator
cheek brush

Theres not much I can say about this other than it’s just really great quality shadows that have fantastic pigmentation and are in fun quirky colours. My new best friend has to be Sunray.  I have literally worn the shade everyday since I brought this home, it’s beautiful and gives any look a really luxurious edge.

My experience with Front Cover cosmetics has been lovely and I’m certain I will now continue to use and purchase their products for a very long time.

Have any of you guys got these palettes? What did you think of them?



  1. Omg, so jealous. I love Frontcover and these palettes look amazing!! How was the nail art set looking? I'm so tempted to get that after seeing it in the Boots catalogue today lol!

    ~ Lauren <3

  2. beautyaesthetic14 March 2014 at 12:30

    The nail art sets looked great, I was really tempted to get it! Theres some pictures of it here: http://www.beautyaesthetic.co.uk/post/11060436812/frontcover-cosmetics-event Lisa had them applied on her nails. We've been told frontcover have reduced their style queen box for a limited time to £17 from £35 in boots so i'd grab that one while the offer is on! - Sami x


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