September 20, 2011

Paul & Joe

Paul & Joe Makeup

Lets talk packaging, lovely beautiful pretty packaging! Nothing makes me happier than the smug sense of satisfaction one achieves when whipping out a gorgeously packaged lipstick or compact, and with my new Paul & Joe make-up generously gifted to me by my long suffering boyfriend and Sami I got a case of serious smugness.

However, with the instant excitement of my shiney new packages came the wonder, would the product inside live up to the loveliness outside? Or is beauty really only skin deep?

So here they are in all there glory, Sami kindly got me an eyeshadow duo and a nail polish, and Declin got me a nail polish, eyegloss duo and a lipstick. The perfect birthday treats!

Paul & Joe Nail Polish

Firstly the polishes in all there glittery sugary sweet pastel glory. The shade on the left is shade 011 Prism and on the right we have 015 Venus. (£10.00)

As far as nail polishes go, these are very nice indeed, a good formula that makes for an easy application, and as they are glitter based they have just the right amount of colour pigmentation which allows them to be worn alone or over the top of similar shades to add a bit of sparkle. The staying power is great and I’ve had so many compliments on the finish of these. And I just have to add, look at the bottles! Dressing table candy personified.

Paul & Joe Eye-Gloss Duo

The eye-gloss duo in shade 04 Bourgeoisie (£16.50) is quite simply, wonderful. Please please please excuse my terrible attempts at swatching here, I kind of gave up as absolutely no angle of my camera could do this justice. All I’ll say is you need this in your life. The creamy shade is a perfect glowy/shimmery base or a brilliant overlay to a darker shade. The rich chocolatey brown is so luxurious looking on the lids that you’ll feel guilty about wearing any other eye product with it, but of course for best results keep them as a pair and wear together. My only teeny tiny niggle is the applicator wands, not the best but just transfer onto the back of your hand and use your fingers and thats you good to glow!

If you buy any eye makeup this month, buy this.

Paul & Joe Lipstick

Meet my new best friend, isn’t she adorable? Shade 29 (£15.00) this is hands down my favourite lipstick of all time and how my boyfriend managed to pick such a perfect shade for me I shall never know. Its the creamiest dreamiest, coral meets nude I’ve ever seen and it does nothing but moisturise my lips. The pigmentation is lovely, however if you are quite the drama queen and like you lips to scream instead of sing then I’d opt for a more bold shade as this is very soft and very ‘just bitten-esque’. Again, please can we all excuse my awful ‘swatching’ attempts I really do not know what mood I was in when taking these photographs. And once more, can we please take a moment to have a little ‘awww’ at the cute packaging…

Paul & Joe

In shade 071 Ribbon (£16.50) this pretty powder duo is from the spring collection and is now a firm regular in my makeup bag, the iridescent nude shade is perfect for brow bones and the blue is great for when im wanting something a little different. The texture of these is velvety and application is a breeze. The pigmentation is wonderful and when used together give a very pretty fresh look to the eyes.

I also got a very cute little whale printed makeup bag that I failed to photograph but I’m sure you’ll all see it at a later date. My final thoughts on the Paul & Joe cosmetics I tried are very positive, I do firmly believe that the stuff inside is as beautiful as the packaging on the outside.

I hope you enjoyed this, please let me know how your experiences with this brand have been, and let me know what your favourite products from the range are!


  1. packaging is so important to me & this is just beautiful!! x

  2. Wow, this collection looks beautiful. Honestly, I didn't even know that Paul & Joe had a makeup collection. Thanks a ton for sharing!

  3. beautyaesthetic14 March 2014 at 12:30

    Thanks ever so much, the packaging is beautiful! Have a peek on websites like ASOS as they always have some bits and pieces from past collections in the sale and you can get some good bargains! Thanks for reading! Lisa xox


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