June 28, 2011


Recently I’ve been thinking that my buying habits are like that of a magpie, and I don’t think its just me. Why are we all so attracted to shiny lovely packaging? Honestly, think about the products or clothes that you find yourself being magnetically drawn to when out and about shopping, and I bet that somewhere in there we have a cocktail of beautiful packaging and sparkles. Obviously this is not such a bad thing as its nice to have products with dressing table appeal, however, is my one track magpie mind meaning that Im spending money on products that only just look the best as apposed to working the best? Is my lack of love for simplicity standing in the way of me and great products?

I suppose it stems back to the feeling of luxury and spoiling ourselves? I think we (as magpies) all get that same little buzz when we whip out our gorgeously formed chanel compacts on a busy train, but are we doing ourselves out of a lot of hard earned pennies all for the sake of nicely decorated plastic?

Or ultimately is it a lifestyle choice, some people take drugs, we buy lovely shiny makeup?

Or it could just be the art of trying to keep that luxury and glamour of days gone by alive, as the amount of gorgeous vintage inspired packaging thats hitting our shelves these days resembles what could have most likely lived in Audrey or Marilyn’s makeup bags.

Either way, will we ever stop our magpie ways and give in to simple to the point packaging at half the price? Probably not. But we will most definitely consider it (whilst re-applying our beautifully packaged Paul and Joe lipstick)…


Who do you think does luxury packaging the best?

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