Regular readers here at Definitely Lovely will know how much we love the annual Blogger Christmas Sleepover that the wonderful Laura hosts, so when she got in touch to invite us to a summer edition in Edinburgh I was very excited indeed. 

I'll admit, I haven't seen nearly enough of my own country as I'd like.  When my boyfriend moved to Aberdeen early in the year, it was tough to get used to but it was also nice to get to explore a new city and it's surrounding areas.

Last weekend we took a trip over to Stonehaven, a small town right on the sea for a chilled out time.  It was a beautiful day with bright blue skies and plenty of dog spotting walking along the pebbled beach.  There was plenty to do with museums, open air swimming pools and we even spotted the birthplace of the deep fried mars bar at The Carron Fish Bar.

From the seafront we spotted a huge castle up the hill so we got in our car and drove over to Dunnottar Castle which is a ruined medieval fortress (thanks Wikipedia).  I had a great laugh at my boyfriend's disappointment after he confused the visitors centre for the actual castle, only to realise the massive building far off into the distance.  For some reason the castle was closed due to weather.. which was surprising to us considering the clear blue skies but we got to explore the area surrounding.  I was experiencing a little bit of vertigo so it was probably best the castle was closed.

All in all, it was a really chilled out weekend and lovely to see another area of Scotland I haven't experienced before.  At the end of July I'll be taking part in the North Coast 500, which is a road trip said to be Scotland's answer to Route 66.  So if you'd like to join me on that journey of exploring more of Scotland, stay tuned!

Sami x

Hello, remember us? After a bit of a hiatus, new careers, new houses and all the stuff life usually brings we thought it was about time we got back into the swing of things!

You may notice there's been a few changes, after six years we decided it was time for a little refresh, starting with a brand new name. As much as we will always be beauty junkies we wanted this to become a place where we could showcase everything and anything that we think is...definitely lovely!

So expect to see a little bit of everything from us here, from fashion to food and everything else in between we are so excited for this new chapter and all the adventures that will come along the way. Let us know what you think of our new name, and if there is anything in particular you would like us to cover as we look forward to building a whole new Definitely Lovely community with you all!

Make sure you are following us on social media to keep up to date with all the new content as it happens.

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Lisa & Sami x

The 2016 Grand Central Hotel Sleepover

December sparks the beginning of many festive traditions for us and one of our favourites has to be the annual Blogger Sleepover at the Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow, organised and hosted by the wonderful Laura. If we weren't feeling festive before, we certainly are now. With Christmas crafting, pampering, delicious food, a whole host of beverages and Mr is the lowdown on what we got up to!
Kiehls Glasgow

While we've always had an interest in skincare, being in our mid twenties has really made us take a look at what we're using on our skin.  Now that Glasgow has it's very own Kiehl's store right on the main shopping street, we gladly accepted the invitation to visit the store and learn all about skincare, the Kiehl's philosophy and the amazing charity work going on at the moment.
Nails Inc Paint Can Lottie Tomlinson

I always love trying out new nail polish products.  From gels to nail stencils, there's really not much left for me to try.  When I heard about the Nails Inc Paint Cans I really wanted to try it out but something about the concept of spray painting my nails held me off for quite some time until I recently got a chance to try it out.  Here's what I think.
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